How VRI & The Cloud Help Deaf Individuals Communicate Easier


There is no doubt that cloud computing has changed the way that many businesses operate. Video remote interpreting companies have been able to benefit from this new type of distributed computing as much as any other. The scale-ability of streaming video becomes much more feasible when you are able to leverage the resources of multiple servers simultaneously, as needed. This is the same technology Netflix uses to stream millions of videos to users all over the country simultaneously. VRI has had a bad wrap in the past mostly because of concerns about the quality of the live feed, but this is changing now that cloud services are becoming more and more affordable.


What Is Cloud Computing?

This is a term that gets used for a variety of apps and services in the networking world. However, the cloud in essence, is nothing more than a group of servers that are dedicated to a single task. This means that a website or a video feed can be processed by one server or if the need be, by hundreds of servers at the same time depending on the resources needed to provide a fast load time for the end user. Think of the cloud as a huge group of computers, ready to work hard to make sure that services are delivered through the internet as quickly and effectively as possible.

Server instances or cpu cycles are usually how cloud hosting providers measure usage, but this is not a concern to the end user. You should just rest assured that if you are making use of VRI services for sing language interpreting to communicate with deaf employees or deaf customers that your video will be streaming without lag as long as you have a reasonable internet connection speed. The cloud servers do the work to make sure that your video doesn’t drop a frame, get laggy or blocky on screen!


The Cloud Has Many Uses

The cloud is used for many different type of services today as you can see depicted in image above. Everything from database driven applications, to network storage can take advantage of this powerful and robust service. You may already be using cloud services and not even know it. Most of the larger email platforms like Gmail and others use cloud hosting to make sure you get messages in a timely manor. This is a great way to provide many services.

As more and more VRI companies start to utilize the cloud for the back-end of their service offerings, the quality of service should raise across the board. Does your sign language VRI company use the power of cloud server and cloud hosting for their video interpreting services?

Using Cloud based video remote interpreting makes providing services for deaf and hard of hearing individuals easier today than it has ever been. This makes accessibility a problem of the past and also brings down the cost of interpretation for companies that need to provide such services. When the cost comes down, it only makes more sense that more people will move to this on demand service that allows communication with deaf people, on the fly whenever it may be needed!

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