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Go Big or Go Home – VRI At It’s Best

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No we are not from Texas, but there are still some things in life that are always better the bigger they are, like an ice cream cone. When you are talking about American Sign Language, there is another thing that can be very useful at a larger scale. In person services are of course offered in full scale to provide the service, but if you look at VRI services, some people try to get away with a tiny device to make things easier, like somebody’s cell phone. This is not a good idea because there may be a lot of trouble with the communication with the deaf individual on a screen this small.

Can you imagine trying to see the small movements of fingers on a 4″ screen? Well, I can tell you that it is not a good user experience and at best, it may suffice in a time sensitive emergency. Still, if the message is important, you will never know if it is coming across as it is being conveyed correctly. Small screens are a thing of the past, the price of larger displays has come down dramatically in the past years. Choosing a larger tablet or computer monitor is a much more financially feasible decision than it was 5 years ago.

So, go big or go home really means something in this case. Deaf consumers are already hesitant to utilize video remote interpreting services for a variety of reasons. If your company is going to move to or is already using VRI services to provide a open line of communication for your office; why not provide a realistically sized screen to make sure that the deaf consumer is able to see the signs clearly? You don’t need an array of screens like in the photo from NASA at the top of this page. Just a large tablet or good sized computer screen will make all the difference in the world!

After all, the goal of using such services is to make communication easier, not harder. Lets face it for a couple hundred bucks, you have acquire a 21″ or 23″ monitor or for about the same price you can get a 21 inch tablet on Amazon. Either way this will be much better than a tiny screen and your deaf employees or deaf patients will love you for it. VRI also offers savings over in person interpretation and can be used on demand, not scheduled ahead. So, the ball is your court, go out and get some gear and start reaping the rewards of big time VRI solutions today.


Video Remote Interpreting In Remote Locations Across The USA

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So, you live in a remote area and you need ASL interpreters at your place of business. Well, you most likely have already found out how hard it is to secure a certified interpreter, when there may only be 1 or a handful in your area. This can make scheduling ASL interpretation for an employee or a deaf customer pretty tricky. Many times you may have to work around the interpreters schedule instead of your own, if you want to guarantee that you can get the coverage you need to communicate freely with a deaf consumer. These complications can be frustrating for the paying entity as well as the deaf consumer.

Another big problem that many businesses that operate in remote areas come across is travel time charges. If you cannot get a local interpreter, you may have to pay somebody to drive from an hour or more away. These charges can really add up and they make providing the services that the deaf individual needs very costly. Face to face interpretation is certainly favored when it can be used, but there are some vri solutions that really can make this a much better situation as far as interpreter availability and price too!

Video remote interpreting can be a great solution for casual conversations like doctors visits or help at a variety of business locations like buying a car or home. Even one on one meetings can go very smooth using VRI instead of a in person asl interpreter. It is certainly worth looking at some of the VRI agencies out there and finding out if they can offer you more convenience or save you money compared to your current solution for sign language needs. After all, you just need an internet connection and a computer or tablet to connect to these services and you can open up the interpreter pool to nationwide access, instead of local access alone.

We wish you the best of luck and hope you find a great solution that will be able to provide you a great quality of service for years to come!